Social program
Please find here a short overview about the social program, planned around the upcoming congress in Dresden.
We kindly invite you to get to know the famous city of Dresden together.

Sunday, 01.07.2018

Following the Welcome Reception, we like to invite you to join our Get Together, located in the industry exhibition area of the Internationales Congress Center, our congress venue.

Monday, 02.07.2018

After the scientific program we offer a city tour to introduce some highlights of the famous city of Dresden to you, starting at the Maritim Hotel and ending at the “Pulverturm”, where we will celebrate our traditional evening.

© 2018 - Pulverturm Dresden

Welcome to the Gunpowder Tower!

Originally built in 1565, the tower formed an important part of Dresden’s fortifications, and, as its name suggests, was used to store gunpowder safely in the ground – it was a pretty explosive place back then! You will find the restaurant in the historical centre of dresden in the vaulted ceilings of the Coselpalais next to Frauenkirche.

© 2018 - Pulverturm Dresden

As you dine beneath the vaulted ceilings of the Marshal de Saxe Room, or the Russian or Turkish vault, you will experience a part of the history of Saxony while enjoying a truly royal saxon dining experience. Of course, your table will have a sumptious basket of oven-fresh breads from the Arsenal Bakery, just a few feets away. The bakery is also where the court patissier creates sweet delicacies for dessert.
Perhaps Milord and Milady would fancy a juicy suckling pig or other rustic dishes prepared before your eyes in our open-air kitchen, along with your choice of ice-cold german beer or delicious local wines. You may even be tempted to purchase some plunder from the strolling sutler!
Our lovely maidens and brave grenadiers will serve you delights. Throughout the evening, strolling magicians will ensure nonstop merriment and diversion. Last but not least you should not miss out on the famous funnel drinking, called "Dresdner Trichtertrinken".

© 2018 - Pulverturm Dresden

Tuesday, 03.07.2018
After the scientific program of the day, please join us at our famous party on the roof terrace of the ICD , enjoying the view on the river Elbe.

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